Joey Fever – In a Fever

Joey Fever’s debut album “In a Fever” was released in may 2011 on UK label LockDown Productions.

Producers: Andreas “Mastah-L” Larsson, Viktor “Viktorious” Lindström, John “Baker” Mitchell for LockDown Productions, Fresharda (of Big and Bashy records),Weedy G Sound Force, Silly Walks & Junior Blender.

Check it on Spotify or grab it on iTunes, Amazon or Juno Download.

Tracklist “In a Fever”:
1. Someone Out There
2. Til The Night is Over
3. Rock You (with Desmond Foster)
4. How Easy
5. Love Will Live
6. Game On
7. Traffic
8. Good Looks
9. Give Me One More Day
10. Deejay School
11. Perfect Connection
12. Slippin and Slidin
13. Heartical Gyal
14. Can You Picture it
15. Serious Things
16. Truly Deeply
17. Dj School (Veteran Mix feat. Tippa Irie & Lt. Stitchie)*
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