Syster Sol – Kichinga!

Syster Sol’s second album Kichinga! was released in september 2011 on SwingKids.
The album is produced by Lance-a-Lot Production, Partillo Productions, Marcus Berg, Thomas Falk, Kapten Röd, Syster Sol & One Drop Music.

Listen to Kichinga! on Spotify or get the CD at SwingKids webshop.

01. Kichinga
02. Secret place
03. Kärleksrevolt (feat. Aki, Dani M, General Knas)
04. Guided
05. Special place (feat. Promoe)
06. Dansa
07. Through you
08. Vad sysslar vi med 2011
09. Safe
10. For my own eye
11. Bland dom (feat. Etzia, Cleo, Serengeti, Hanouneh, Miss Relli, Frida. Leia)
12. Sunshine

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