Caribinghi is a Reggae/Dancehall singjay based in Sweden, originally born in Bluefields, Nicaragua. With a Caribbean mother he was introduced to reggae at an early age, but rap music has been a big part of his life as well. At the age of 17 he started express himself through lyrics about his harsh surroundings in the area he grew up & music became a way to keep away from trouble. Nothing was serious at the start he says, but as soon as he noticed that more & more people started to like it, writing songs became his everyday Mission.

Up until today Caribinghi has performed on some of the biggest festivals in Sweden already. Since 2007 shared same stages as Ken Ring, Smiff n Wessun, Governor andy, Syster Sol, Joey Fever. He has also been warmup for Mr.Vegas. Caribinghi is constantly working in the studio on new collaborations both national and international.



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