Sanjin & Youthman

Sanjin & YouthmanSanjin and Youthman, a duo of cousins hailing from Bosanska Gradiska started their musical journey 15 years ago within the belly of the Swedish underground hiphop scene. Although they sought an urban and international expression, their fascination for the sounds of Bosnia, and the Balkans in general, always remained firmly rooted their musical taste.

One late, drunken evening while listening to the folk inspired sounds of their home country, they decided to fuse the influences they’ve gathered through their long love of music, and the idea for “Balkan dancehall” was born. They hijacked Ward 21′s “Cosa nostra riddim”, and made “Hocu da se napijem” (I want to get drunk). And the success was immediate. The track got DJ support from all over the globe and Sweden’s most prolific DNB-producers MIR Crew made a remix.

The rest is, as they say, history. Steadily building a catalog, Sanjin and Youthman have their eyes set for domination of first the peninsula that once bred them, and eventually the world. Get ready for something you’ve never experienced before. Party, tears, and joy in it’s purest form.


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