Snakka San

Snakka San & SVERSnakka San was born and grown in the countryside of Sweden. In the deep woods of Värmland, Snakka San first heard the calling from foundation DJs like Lone Ranger and Charlie Chaplin. And what he heard then, he wanted to master himself but in the Swedish language.

“When I was a little stereo I listen to some champion, and I always wonder when I would be the number one” – Ninja Man.

In 2007 Snakka San moved to Gothenburg and there it all took off. The first show Snakka San did as a solo artist was at Ziontist Sound System’s club Three the Hard Way and shortly after that Jr Eric and Partillo booked Snakka to their club High Fashion. He remembers coming to the shows with a plastic crate with 7” riddims to sing over. Later on Partillo invited Snakka San to voice a track, Pum Pum, for his compilation album Högre Standard. That invitation pretty much formed Snakka and sent him forward to what he is today. He is also one of the founders of Eisaa Dem Crew and Kapellet.

The question is not if Snakka San will continue making music, he is always about to learn more and to evolve as an artist and as a human. Never scared to try new things or to give good music an honest chance. Now Snakka San works together with his new band Snakka San & SVER and has released two singles: Bankman Gangster (iTunes) and Straight lr Gay (Soundcloud). Right now an album is in the making that will be out in October 2012.

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