R.I.P. Internal Dread (1954 – 2012)

The legendary producer, sound engineer, artist and promoter Tom “Internal Dread” Hofwander tragically passed away after a road accident in Denmark on Monday 13th of August. Internal Dread, with his Rub-A-Dub Studio & Records, has had a great impact on the reggae scene in Sweden. As a producer, label owner, concert promoter, artist, live engineer and inspirer he contributed to keep the reggae spirit alive, the fire burning and the scene growing. One of Internal Dreads latest projects was the Rebel Music Festival in Enköping where he also mastered the live sound and mixing himself.

Rest In Peace Maestro, One Love & Respect

Tribute to Internal Dread – Daniel Asher

Internal Dread & The Reggaeterians – Don’t Kill The Fly

Internal Dread & Rub-A-Dub Records Mixtape by Houseofreggae.de

Photo: Alex Hinchcliffe

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