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Adde Instrumentals is the Swedish producer behind 2011′s “Summer Time” riddim. With massive dancehall hits like Vybz Kartel’s “Summer Time”, “Bike Back” and Popcaan’s “Ravin” on his list he’s now ready to get three new riddims released soon, “Happy Daze”“Sweet Sounds” and “Summer Wave”. (Summer Wave is built by Adde Instrumentals and produced by TJ).

It’s almost exactly one year since Vybz’s “Summer Time” was released and it has been a productive year for Adde. Since then he’s been busy in the studio building riddims for a long list of artists such as Vybz Kartel, Mr. Vegas, Popcaan, Gyptian, Stylo G, Khago, Mr. Lexx and Million Stylez just to mention a few of them. And besides producing riddims for international top artists he has also made a bunch of remixes, been around performing live with his fellas in Stockholm Highgrades and working on the groups upcoming album “Sound Chemistry”. A busy year indeed. So, as a one year stop, we wanted to pull up, rewind and check what’s been going on and what’s coming up for the future.

You got some new stuff being released soon, but first let’s take a look into the past year. 2011 was obviously a great year for you, how would you summarize it yourself?
- 2011 was the year I got a foot in the business. I had been working hard for years and finally it started to pay off. That Vybz Kartel voiced my beats opened up a lot of doors for me, I’m very thankful for that. I kept working hard and have made some big tracks that’s gonna be released in 2012. It was an unreal year really.

When did you realize that Summer Time was actually turning into a really big dancehall hit?
- The first time I heard the demo, I knew it was gonna be huge. He (Kartel) recorded the tune a few hours after I sent the riddim and I think the mixed song was out on Youtube the day after. It was in May and I watched it grow bigger until it was huge (sometime in June I believe). It became even bigger than I could dream of.

And then both Vybz Kartel’s “Summer Time” and Popcaan’s “Ravin’” was voted the best dancehall songs of 2011, that’s really big!
- Yes, I still can’t believe it! Ravin’ started off kind of slow but got bigger and bigger and was probably even more popular than Summer Time at some point.

What more did you produce for Kartel after “Summer Time”?
- I did two tracks before “Summer Time”. “Bike Back” and “Open Up”. And I did “Dedication” and “Bubble Hard” after. “Bubble Hard” was actually recorded in May right after “Summer Time”.

The next riddim you built after “Summer Time” was the “BBQ” riddim, did you ever think of it as a part two for Summer Time? It has kind of the same vibe.
- Yeah, it’s kind of Summer Time part two… I built the riddim around the same time as I built Summer Time. I just wanted to have some more beats in the same style in case Summer Time would blow up. I also made it to establish a sound that was mine.

“BBQ” was a collaboration with Fras Twinz in Jamaica, how did you work together?
- I built the riddim and Fras Twinz voiced many of the artists like Khago, Gyptian, Munga and more on it. Couldn’t have done the riddim without them, so a massive big up to the Twinz!

The first single released on the riddim was Beatiful Life by Mr. Vegas, right? Was it planned to be a single exclusively for him at first or was it already decided to be a full riddim album?
- Lea-Anna’s “Sway” was actually the first track on the riddim, it was up for free download on my Soundcloud page in June. Didn’t even plan it was going to be a riddim at first. All of a sudden Mr. Vegas voiced it and then the tracks kept coming in. “Beautiful life” still hasn’t been released as a single. It was just the first track that leaked out after “Sway”.

You have a new riddim, “Happy Daze”, coming up. A collab with Fras Twinz as well. How did it start and what artists will be on the riddim?
- They were looking for a riddim to produce and voice artists on so I sent them the riddim, it was named “Happy Daze” later on. It’s a “feelgood” riddim and will feature lots of great artists like Beenie Man, Konshens, Gyptian, Khago, Munga, Million Stylez, Future Fambo and many more!

There’s also a one drop riddim, “Sweet Sounds”, coming up pretty soon, what can you tell about that?
- It’s a one drop riddim produced by myself and So Shifty (JR Blender and Till) from Germany. It was made for Kartel but since he got arrested we decided to voice some other artists on it. The first track on the riddim, “Freedom fighters” by Million Stylez and J Boog, premiered on P3 a while ago. Can’t reveal the line-up yet, but there are some heavy weights voicing it.

How is it working on a one drop riddim compared to dancehall riddims that has been your main focus?
- I’m not as comfortable doing one drops and couldn’t have done it without So Shifty. They’re extremely talented, I have a lot of respect for them.

Can 2012 expect more one drop riddims from you?
- It’s possible there will be some more one drops but can’t say for sure. Have started to work on some things so we’ll see how it goes!

What else is cooking right now?
- A full length Stockholm Highgrades album will be out soon. I’ve produced a few of the tracks and recorded most or all of them. I’m also working on a bunch of Stylo G tracks, I just got back from London where I was working with Stylo G’s upcoming album that is planned for release in December. Got a lot of other things going on but don’t want to say too much yet..

Any particular goals for the future?
- My biggest goal right now is to make music full time. Other than that I just want to continue to build riddims/make beats and work with artists I admire.

Any plans on going to Jamaica and voice artists yourself?
- I will go sooner or later but no tickets are booked yet. I’m not sure it’s necessary to go there to voice artists but it’d be lots of fun for sure!

Stockholm May 2012

Listen some Adde Instrumentals productions and check out more at Adde’s Soundcloud page.

Summer Time Riddim
Vybz Kartel – Summer Time (Summer Time Riddim)

Popcaan – Ravin (Summer Time Riddim)

Stockholm Highgrades – Say Hey (Summer Time Riddim)

Etzia – Summertime in Sweden (Summer Time Riddim)

BBQ Riddim
Mr. Vegas – Beatiful Life (BBQ Riddim)

Khago – Ova Dweet (BBQ Riddim)

Stylo G – Ghetto Gyal (BBQ Riddim)

Million Stylez – Holiday (BBQ Riddim)

Ice Cream Riddim
Vybz Kartel – Bike Back (Ice Cream Riddim)

Stockholm Highgrades – Ice Cream (Ice Cream Riddim)

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