Sweden to Jamaica: Lance-A-Lot Production returns from Kingston with a bag full of vibes

Lance-A-Lot and Jr. Reid (Photo: Jonas Lynx)

Swedish reggae & dancehall producer Lance-A-Lot recently returned from Jamaica with new material for a riddim album to be released this summer. While in Kingston, he of course took the opportunity to link up with some artists to voice a couple of his riddims. As a result he comes back to Sweden with a bag of new fresh stuff featuring artists such as legendary Jr. Reid and upcoming Jamaican artist Chronixx. We caught up with him for a chat to hear about the trip to Jamaica.

You just returned from Jamaica, how was the trip?
- Trip was just fine, lots of sun, good food and nice dances.

Cool, how long did you stay and where did you spend your time in JA?
- I was there for one month and stayed in Bull Bay, Half Way Tree and at Red Hills.

You’ve been doing some recording work for some of your riddims, who did you get to work with?
- I recorded with Jr. Reid, the upcoming artist Chronixx – he’s gonna be big, believe me -
Black Lion and Singer Jah – who won Magnum Kings and Queens – that’s Jamaicas version of American Idol. I also did a song and a video to Chronixx album, that one will be released later this year.

Did you link up with the artists before you went to Jamaica?
- No, I did all the links on spot.

Where did you record?
- I recorded most of the artist at the legendary Big Yard studio except for Jr. Reids song, that one we did in his studio.

So all of them are gonna be on the album?
- Yeah, except for Chronixx albumtrack, it’s on another riddim.

Did you have the idea of a riddim album before you went, or was it something you decided and got inspiration to while you where there?
- I got the idea while I was there.

How many artists do you plan for the album?
- Now I have five songs, but it will be between 8-10, there’s still some artists I deal with now.

Wicked, when can people expect to hear it?
- This summer.

Ok, guess everyone will have to wait for the tunes until then…
- Hahaha, yes I!!

By the way, what’s the name of the riddim and how would you describe the sound of it?
- I haven’t decided the name yet… It’s a timeless one drop riddim, I’m sure its gonna sound fresh 10 years from now.

What else is going on, anything more coming up in the near future?
- I have a 6 month tour with Kapten Röd coming up, I also have in mind to go back to Jamaica at the end of the year to voice for my next riddim release.

Ok, thanks and big up!
- Big up yourself!!

Gothenburg/Stockholm 19th of april 2012

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Featured on Fresharda “Cycle EP” (UK), Etzia “Ganstress EP”, Syster Sol “Kichinga!”, Genral Knas “Kärlek & Revolt” and Hanouneh “Love and War”.

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