Cancelled: Sizzla live in Stockholm 28th of march at Slakthuset

The Sizzla show at Slakthuset in Stockholm is cancelled.

Dates of Sizzla’s European tour 2012:

Friday  23 - Milan, Italy
Saturday 24 - Rome, Italy
Monday 26 - Vienna, Austria
Tuesday 27 - Helsinki, Finland
Wednesday 28 – Stockholm, Sweden
Thursday 29 – Oslo, Norway
Friday 30 – Amsterdam, Holland
Saturday 31 – Nancy, France

Sunday 1 – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Monday 2 – Groningen, Netherlands
Wednesday 4 – Gent, Belgium
Thursday 5 – Lisbon, Portugal
Tuesday 10 – Bordeaux, France
Thursday 12 – Barcelona, Spain
Friday 13 – Madrid, Spain
Saturday 14 - Malaga, Spain
Sunday 15 - Valencia, Spain

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Published on March 16, 2012 with 3 Comments

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  1. For Immediate Release
    March 21, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern,

    We work closely with many of the artists in the reggae scene and feel that that the constant attack by the certain Gay organizations against Sizzla other reggae artists and the musical genre is unfair and one sided. First of all, only one Sizzla show has been cancelled and we feel its is form of Censorship. Second he has not even begun to tour so these gay groups are giving misinformation to the public about him performing homophobic lyrics at 18 other shows in Europe recently. Thirdly, Sizzla is not booked to perform in Canada nor England but of course false information is being written to make the article look good.

    Fourthly, Sizzla’s last tour, he may have sung Nah Apologize but he censored it. What happen to freedom of speech and freedom of expression? Fifthly Sizzla and other reggae artists are apart of a culture and nation that legally does not support or accept the lifestyle of the homosexual community. If you have an issue with that, take it up with the Government. Sizzla is a product of his own community and society that does not embrace nor promote such behavior. Sixthly, patois the language that Sizzla uses to express his music are forms of metaphoric expression so when he or any artists say burn, fire, or kill, they are not literal terms. In fact the words translate to mean several things depending on the context of its use. But for the most part it means to disagree with something.

    Seven, the term battyman was derived from the rise of pedophiles and rape of young boys. That is why the term is battyman, so those that embrace this term, therefore embrace the raping and pedophiling of young boys. This is one of the main reasons why there is such an outcry against homosexuality because in many cases in Jamaica it has been done where young boys were raped or coerced by tourist into the lifestyle seeking to gain visa or better opportunities. This has also contributed to a rise in gay male prostitution in Jamaica and is prevelant amongst teenagers and youth.

    Lastly, Sizzla never signed the Reggae Compassionat Act. It was a false signature and if you compare his signature to the paper, you will see it is not his signature. The man just recovered from a horrific accident where he almost lost his life. The Gay organizations have done enough damage to Reggae music and different artists career, they have made their point. We don’t see them attack Eminem or other musicians who make clear stances against this same issues in the hip hop, rock, and pop industry.

    Just the fact that Sizzla has been censoring his own music during performances is proof that he is trying to respect others. Let us be clear majority of his music is uplifting, positive, speaks of family, empowerment, spirituality, and unity. At the same time he is a Rastafarian musician, what would Bob Marley be today if groups like yours tried to protest him, keep him in a box, and prevent him from expressing his views? If you don’t like Sizzla or any of the Reggae music, you don’t have to go to their shows, buy their music or listen to them on the radio. We must believe in safe spaces where people can be who they are but when you are in Rome, you must do what the Romans do. So when you are in Jamaica, you must respect Jamaican culture and not try to impose your beliefs on a society that does not embrace certain things.There are two sides to the stories, yes everyone is entitled to live and express themselves, but we must be respectful of all people values and principles including the rights of heterosexual people. Thanks

    Coalition to Protect Reggae & Family Value

    • Firstly : You are under some deluded illusion that only gay people find his comments offensive ? That simply isn’t true ! Do you also believe only black people are offended by racism ?

      Secondly : You’ll also find 98% of Paedophiles in Jamaica involve men and girls. What does that have to do with “Battyboys” ? Maybe you think it’s perfectly OK for a heterosexual Jamaican man to have sex with a 12 year old girl ?

      Thirdly : Sizzla is clearly a great musician . Sadly he writes and sings lyrics to appeal to neanderthals in the same way the Ku Klux Klan use speeches to appeal to neanderthals, so he is socially rejected almost everywhere. I assume this adds to his “Poor me, I am so oppressed” attitude. At the end of the day you reap what you sow

      Finally : follow your own advice re: When In Rome. When you go to other lands, follow their laws, don’t bring your own bigotry and hatred with you to other countries that will not tolerate it and then bleat and complain when they refuse your rights to “free speech”

  2. Thank you Jay Tre. Thats what all the protest is about. Racism, Hate, Sexism and Fascism is nothing what should be tolerated anywhere in the World. Especially when it comes with the atributes “familiy” and “value” than it smells especially strong like bigotry…

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